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Je m’appelle Maryline, je suis Française et escort à Paris depuis Janvier 2015.
Very early on I knew that what I was about to witness, hear and confront myself with would transform the vision of the world I had had until then.

I couldn’t have imagined to what extent.

I quickly felt the urge to keep what I was going through and the men who asked me to do whatever they wanted as a souvenir. I started taking pictures, I had to be quick before the clients would change their mind. Spontaneous shots, without any scenery. I wanted to be as true and honest as I could be without any affect. Capturing the scene, the man, his posture, the look on his face for eternity into this white frame. Like a trophy, a pictorial testimony where the man gets crushed by his own thrive for immediate desire.

I started archiving everything, every trick, client, phonecall, text message, email, handwritten letters.

One might think that I’m obsessive, a maniac. Since I’m an addict, it sounds fair enough. And prostitution has given my addiction a wonderful playground for it to be fully expressed.

Prostitution takes everything from you.

Your prior life, body, time, feelings.

All your landmarks are being thrown away, just like everything you have learned about right or wrong, truth and lies, what is suitable, what is moral or normal.

Once you become an escort, you don’t immediately understand that by selling your body, you sell your soul.

You feel immensely powerful, but by taking control over your life in such a way, you’ll be stained by these memories of bodies forever.

Ce métier donne accès à quelque chose d’unique, il fait de moi la témoin privilégiée du tabou, du caché, de l’inavoué…

But at what cost?

It’s a pitiful spectacle, where masculinity loses all its greatness, its power, there is nothing left to contemplate there.

I’m not a dominatrix, I don’t hang around the BDSM crowd.

I’m not anti-men. I’m no libertarian nor an activist.

I’m not an atheist, nor agnostic, I don’t support any cause.

All these years of work, on thousands of bodies, all this human cob gave birth to


Welcome to her hell.

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